Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bring on the Holiday Cheer!

Between work, homework assignments, and friends visiting in town, I have been missing in action for some time now. With  weekend at home with just a few things to do, I decided to get a jump start on my holiday decorating. While I had out some cute fall decorations, I LOVE Christmas. 

Decorating my tree makes me so happy. I love looking through each of my ornaments and remembering where they came from. This year, I was also hoping to put the tree up early so that I could test out how the new kitty would do. I put up the tree, and then waited a night before putting any lights or ornaments on. Here is the finished product.

It is a little blurry, but the best shot I could get with my phone's camera. I am the most proud of my tree topper - my first handmade bow!

I was also really excited about my cupcake ornaments, which are my absolute favorite, along with the kissing fish that Chris got me last year.

If you are wondering how the cats did - it only took about fifteen minutes before Snoopy was freed from his branch.

The following morning, he actually appeared in that tupperware. Stella has done pretty well though. She and Bucky both enjoy their time under the tree.

She is getting so big! 

Bucky hasn't taken any ornaments off the tree...he prefers to wrestle with the mini tree instead.

After I was able to snag the tree away, I did get to finish decorating it too.

I did several new projects this year, including my advent calendar, which I created from a kit that I found at Archiver's. I put a different fun Christmas to do in each day.

 I made use of another closet door to create a fun holder for all of the Christmas cards that I get. The 2009 cards are serving as stand ins until the 2010 cards arrive. 

 If you look closely, I covered the clothespins with scrapbook paper to make them more festive. 

I also used the paper to create a flag banner to cover some accidental holes in the wall from a failed attempt to put up shelves. 

I previously had up some fall print flags, and am thinking I'll make it a regular thing, rotating each season. They are pretty cheap decoration, since it's just scrapbooking paper. 

Another cheap decoration item was a glass tumbler filled with present bows. I figure, if I need a bow while wrapping, they will be easy to access. I'm interested to see how many disappear...

Without a fireplace, the bookshelf was another great place to hold the stockings. 

So that is how I have spent my weekend. Bring on the holidays...I am ready!

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