Saturday, December 17, 2011

Homemade Halloweenie!

So this post is just a few months and two holidays too late....

But I thought it would be fun to share how I made my Halloween costume. Baaaaa, I was a sheep!

WARNING: This costume is a major fire hazard. Between the glue and the cotton, this could be bad news bears. So wear with care.

Extra large white hooded sweatshirt (full zip)
Craft glue - I got the kind specific for fabrics. I ended up needing two and a half bottles!
Cotton balls - LOTS! I used over five bags
Black and white felt (for the ears)
Pipe cleaners (to shape the ears)

I first cut off the arms of the sweatshirt right along the seam.

Then I glued cotton balls on. For a long time. I believe it took me a few hours, while watching the Badger football game. Plus I had to run out for more glue.

Then I cut some triangles out of felt for the ears. I stapled them around some pipe cleaners, to give them some shape. The staples made it look really homemade, but at that point I just wanted to be done.

Finally, it was time to hang it up to dry. If you try this, give it PLENTY of time to dry. I didn't make this until the same day that I wanted to wear it. That is probably how I ended up with glue in my hair. Oh well. still fun.

I just threw it on with a long sleeved black tee, with some leggings. And shorts. Because I don't believe that leggings count as pants.

The best part of the costume was how many laughs that I got. I think my sister laughed for about twenty minutes straight when I first walked in. And a dancing sheep, even more fun! I did shed quite a few cotton balls, which was also pretty funny.

It also was a lot of fun to wear while handing out candy. The kids were so cute!

Homemade holidays are the best.
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