Tuesday, February 28, 2012

30B430 Book 11: I've Got Your Number

My name is Kirstin, and I love chick lit.

Every once in awhile, I need an fun, easy, mindless read, and I know just who to turn to - Sophie Kinsella. I have read every single one of her books, including the Shopaholic series. I love them, because her main characters, despite their best intentions, always wind up in these crazy and embarrassing situations. It may be chick lit, but her writing is smart, and not at all cheesy.

Her latest, I've Got Your Number, features a new character named Poppy Wyatt. During a fire alarm at a hotel banquet event, Poppy loses her engagement ring (which just happens to be a priceless family heirloom), and has her cell phone stolen, just weeks before her wedding. She happens upon a cell phone dumped in a trash can, and decides to keep it. This, of course, has a number of unforseen consequences and leads to some hilarious moments. The scenes with her fiance's family are some of the best. One of my favorite moments is when she realizes she has opened a gift intended for someone else and isn't exactly in a position to give it back...

I'm so glad that I found this book. It was delightful. Definitely one of my favorites of Kinsella's books. And it just came out last week.

Perhaps I'll go for something a bit more serious now...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Accessorize This.

Now that I have a new sewing machine, I have been looking for some good starter projects. I would love to make some fun accessories to jazz up my wardrobe a bit, especially on days that I'm rocking a ninja suit - black from head to toe. That tends to be at least once or twice a week.

Purlbee had a great tutorial for this Pom Pom Scarf. It definitely looks doable.

I also love this dress that Tripping Over Joy made from an old tank top, elastic and some fabric.


And check out this clutch that was made from a thrifted men's suit jacket from Craftaholics Anonymous.

There are a ton of great infinity scarves right now, some braided, some from old t-shirts, etc. I like this one that is made from fabric and lace. Although there aren't any directions, and the shop is in a different language, it seems easy enough to figure out.

I also like this one from Put Up Your Dukes

You can never have too many scarves, right?

Off to the craft store I go!

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