Monday, July 25, 2011

Kitty Pic of the Week

Stella's role in our packing process: cardboard box quality control. She prefers to test each one before anything gets packed. Bucky is still in denial.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big News

So it's official. I will be leaving the STL very soon. I have accepted a new job, which will take me back home to Milwaukee.

It is definitely bittersweet. I have loved living in St. Louis for the past four years. I had never been here prior to moving. It is a really great city! I am going to miss a lot...

Going to Pappy's for some delicious BBQ. Mmmm...Ribs.

Summer musicals at the Muny in Forest Park. I've seen some really great shows over the years - Hairspray, the Sound of Music, and most recently, Legally Blonde.
One of my favorite St. Louis adventures is always the zoo. You can't beat free animals!

Although my allegiance will always be to Miller, I will miss the AB Brewery tour. 
And of course, the St. Louis Arch. Each time I drive past it on my way back into the city, it just feels good. 

St. Louis has been a great home. It is going to be very hard to say goodbye to the friends that I have met along the way, and the fantastic students with whom I have had the opportunity to work.

On to the next step.  

Monday, July 11, 2011

Artsy Fartsy

I have a new love. It's called Pinterest.

It is a fantastic site that let's you "pin" different photos and web sites to a virtual pin board. All things one finds pretty.

It has quickly grown into an addiction. I could pin all day. Beautiful cakes that I want to bake. Clothes I would die to own. Recipes that sound delicious, but that I will probably never try (I had cereal for dinner). I just can't get enough.

I love to pin fun craft ideas. A good DIY project totally makes my day. And thanks to a post pinned from here, I spent my Saturday night and Sunday morning making this:

It's a beaut. Haha. 

Well, at least I think so. Just a glass bowl, some glass gems and a little hot glue and voila. Now if you thought that clear tacky glue might hold on those gems, you would be wrong (try number one). I'm finding that the hot glue may not be the strongest bonding agent either, as a few of the gems have popped off. So I'll be looking for some new glue options to make sure I can continue to display my pretty bowl. In the meantime, I've been pulling off the little stringies that the hot glue has left behind in it's spot on the side table. 

Ahh crafting fun.   

Hola. Que Tal?

Hello. How are you?

Lesson one in the Coffee Break Spanish podcast from Radio Lingua. As I was wandering through the iTunes top tens among the podcasts, I happened upon this free tool for learning Spanish. It's aimed at beginners, but as someone who hasn't taken Spanish in about 9 years, I think it will be a good refresher. The starter lessons are definitely words and phrases that are more familiar (hola, gracias, buenos dias, etc.), but I think it is probably a good idea to start from the beginning.

I was also surprised to find that the instructor has a charming Irish accent. It really adds a special something.

So why relearn Spanish? I took language classes for five years, and initially planned to major in Spanish, But after the first year in college, I was pretty burnt out. I took a break, thinking that I would go back, but I never did.

The podcasts seem helpful, although it is certainly going to be a long time before I can carry a conversation. Oh well.


Kitty Picture of the Week

Aren't you going to share with me? 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to Boo

My fantastic boyfriend celebrated a birthday last month, which prompted a extended hunt for the appropriate gifts. My funds are a little tight right now, which meant that I wasn't going to be able to do anything big. But I definitely wanted to find something special.

I asked him for his input, and he responded by sending me links to a superman t-shirt (he's a big comic book fan), and several pieces of art found on Etsy that paid tribute to his previous home, Providence, Rhode Island.

I've been on kind of an art kick. I hope to someday move beyond apartment decor that consists of posters that I bought in college. And because we are in the process of planning our move together, I would love for our new place to feature things we both love in a wall of photos and art.

I recently framed this cute St. Louis print that I found on Etsy:

(Ignore my reflection in the frame)

In my Etsy search, I stumbled upon the perfect print at ReStudios' shop

Not only did I like the idea of word art in the shape of the skyline, but I knew it was perfect when I saw some of Chris' favorite places already in the print. Nick's on Broadway is owned by Chris' fraternity brother and good friend, and was one of the first places that he took me when I first visited him in Providence.

It was definitely a success! He was so excited about the print and had fun finding different places throughout. I can't wait to hang it on our walls - once we figure out where exactly we will be.
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