Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Homemade Gifts 2011: Initial Letters

Now that the gifts have been given, I thought I'd share the details on the ones I made.

Last year, I made my mom some big initial letters to go in her kitchen. I picked the paper because it reminded me of vintage aprons. My sister moved into a new apartment last August, and had been asking for some of her own. Perfect Christmas present for her for this year.

I headed over to Michael's, and picked up some cheap wooden letters. These were slightly different than the cardboard ones I had purchased at Hobby Lobby for my mom's (and a set I made for myself). I was actually really excited about these because they were already painted white, which meant less work on my part than the cardboard ones. And they are a bit smaller, which I thought would keep it flexible, in case she wanted to take them to her office.

I also picked out some cute craft paper to use. The colors reminded me of some flowery tops that she likes to wear. The nice part about the Basic Grey craft paper line (my absolute favorite) is that the sheets are double-sided, two fun patterns in one!

I then used a pencil to trace the letters on the craft paper. I had to go back afterwards and erase the pencil lines that may have ended up on the letters (don't forget this step).

Next I carefully cut out the paper letters, and glued them down.

Ta Da! Cute and quick project. And a great gift!

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