Monday, April 14, 2014

40 Days

Holy Wow, y'all. We are just 40 days out from We Do!

I am learning that there is always something to be done. Well, really three main things:

1. Spending money.
2. Making decisions.
3. Making stuff.

Confession: I know I said I wasn't into all that wedding stuff. Turns out, I like some of it. Well, really just the last one. The crafting part is totally my thing. The first two not so much. I'm terrible at making decisions. And spending money makes my stomach churn. Although it is fun to get packages on a daily basis. Fairly certain our mail carriers are having "fun" finding ways to hide the packages.

But I am proving to be a champ at:
  • Covering things in glitter - envelopes, signs, candle holders (the carpet...accidentally the cats, woops).
  • Wrapping things in baker's twine.
  • Assembling marquee signs with paper mache, spray paint and globe lights.
  • Assessing risk and determining that homemade marquee lights, although a great Pinterest project, might be a fire hazard.
  • Purchasing every travel-sized toiletry possible at Target, in the event one of our guests might have need for a bobby pin, a mint, etc.  
Stuff is getting checked off of the list. My dress has been altered and is hanging safely at my mom's house. The groomsmen have some snazzy matching outfits. A wedding production plan is in progress - because when you work in Student Affairs, that is what you do. 

Marry, we will. Marquee sign or no marquee sign.

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