Friday, March 4, 2016

Stitch Fix #4 Review

StitchFix clothes always look so pretty coming out of the package!
It's been awhile, but I decided to give Stitch Fix a go again, and I'm so happy that I did! I've gotten a few questions from friends curious about giving the service a shot, so I thought it was a good time to get my thoughts down.

This was my fourth Stitch Fix delivery, and as many reviewers say, I feel like my items have gotten better over time as I've provided feedback regarding what I do and don't like. My first two Fixes, I kept one item each time. My third Fix, which was right before our honeymoon, I kept three things, including a pair of jeans that I wear almost every day. And I'm in the process of making a decision on this current one...

Some of the basics to know: 
You pay $20 for a delivery that typically has 5 different items selected for you by one of the StitchFix stylists, usually a combination of tops, pants, skirts, dresses, and accessories, depending on what preferences you indicate in your profile. You try everything on, and then decide what you want to keep, and send back the rest in the mailer bag they provide. StitchFix charge your card for the remaining amount, and also provide space for you to give feedback on the items you didn't keep. They include a pricing sheet so that you can decide based on the cost of each item. There is a 25% discount if you keep all five items. You can sign up for whatever frequency of deliveries that you'd like, from monthly or bi-monthly to just ordering on occasion, which is what I've typically done.

A few things I've learned along the way:

Update your style profile often. Your style profile is the primary thing that the stylists look at when they are deciding what to send you and the more specific you are, the better. Size preferences, your preferred price points, items to send/not send, color and print preferences, business vs. party vs. casual, etc.  

Because I hadn't ordered in awhile, I was sure to update with my current sizes and needs. I also noticed they had some new questions, one of which I was super excited about. Petite sizing!!! I have loved some of the tops that they've sent me in the past, but because I'm a shortie with a short torso, they often looked way too long on me, and so I'd send 'em back. I checked this box, and in my current fix, 3 of the 5 items were sized for petites. Yeah!

Use a Pinterest Board to show what you like. There is an option in the style profile to include a link to a Pinterest board that the stylists can look at to see what types of items you like, and what style trends excite you. I went in and updated my clothing Pinterest board before ordering, and made sure to include current trends I liked, even pinning things directly off of the Stitch Fix boards or from other bloggers reviews. I also cleaned out things that I was no longer really that excited about. My stylist, Libby, noted that she went in and looked at my board, and used it to pull some particular items for me.

Be specific in what you are asking for and in your feedback on items. They tell you this over and over throughout the site - "the more we know about you, the better we can style for you." With each order, I've tried to note specific things I wanted. This time, I noted that I was looking to build back my wardrobe after losing some weight and purging quite a bit of my clothes. I asked for a new pair of jeans, noting that I had loved the last pair they sent me. I also noted that I was looking for some classic pieces, like a black or navy blazer. And they delivered on both! I also try to give very clear details at checkout on why I have returned something they've sent. This was too busy of a print for me. Loved the color on this top, but the cut was off for my body shape. The quality of this item just didn't seem to match the price.

Try stuff on in daylight, and try it all on. So typically my deliveries have come on weekdays, which means I'm often opening them after work when it's dark out. I try stuff on that night, but I've also learned to try everything on again in the morning. Stuff just looks different in daylight. I also try everything on, even if I open the box and see something that I'm instantly iffy about. Sometimes I've been right that something wouldn't work, and other times, I leaned in to the stylist's suggestion and found I really liked something that I never would have picked for myself.

Common questions:

What's the price point? It depends. As I mentioned earlier, you let them know what you'd prefer to spend per item. I usually note "as cheap as possible" for most categories. I'm not at a place where I can spend a lot of money on clothes.

Are there any downsides? Possibly. There is always the chance that you get a Fix that just misses the mark. I had one Fix where I wasn't in love with anything but did keep something just to not lose my $20. But I feel like there is more potential for that at the beginning, and that naturally happens less the more that they get to know you. I have also been sent some items that I liked but felt like were more of a $25 top you might find at Target or Forever 21 than a $40-70 top. Initially I also received quite a few dry-clean only tops, which is just not really my jam. I go to the dry cleaners about once every year and a half. I asked that they send me less of those, and I believe only one of the current tops I received is dry clean only. I do have a Dryel kit now though, which makes it easier to keep up with my dry-clean only tops.     

Want to see what I got this month? Here it is!

Green tab-sleeve blouse from Collective Concepts and Skinny Jeans from Kut from the Kloth
Purple, grey and pink chevron print top from Pixley
Navy, pink and white plaid blouse from Papermoon and Navy Blazer from Kensie

My initial thoughts?
This was my best Fix yet, and I'd love to keep the same stylist moving forward. This is the second pair of jeans that I've received that fit perfectly - and we all know how icky shopping for jeans can be. The green top is one of my favorite colors. Despite the fact it is super wrinkled and could spend some quality time with the steamer, I really like the cut and loved that it wasn't too long. Petite sizing for the win! I wasn't sure initially about the print of the chevron top, since I tend to stick to stripes or polka dots, but it fits well and is super comfortable and the print grew on me as I wore it. I also was willing to give the navy and pink plaid top a shot, although it wouldn't be something I ever would have picked up in a store. It looks awesome with the blazer, and would be a great piece for work or going out to dinner. And the blazer was a win all around! And to have all of my tops be the right length, yeah! This is the first time I am debating keeping everything. If I do, I'd basically be getting either the jeans or the blazer for free, with the 25% discount. Plus I have a credit with Stitch Fix, making the cost doable. 

I have until Monday to decide. What do you think? Which item is your favorite?

Want to try Stitch Fix for yourself? Here's my referral link. Full disclosure: If you do order a Fix, I receive a $25 credit. 



  1. I LOVE THEM ALL!! I'm an advocate for you getting them all! :)


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