Saturday, January 3, 2009

Flying the Expensive Skies

During the holidays, I had the opportunity to see and chat with friends, many of whom live pretty far away from me. The conversation always comes up that we should plan trips to visit each other, "if only it wasn't so expensive to fly."

Sometime last year, I was watching an episode of The Today Show, and they featured a story on the top web sites that can change your life. One of the sites featured was, a site I have come to know and love. is a travel site that searches for flights on most airlines and finds you the cheapest fares for your destination. I have found that it is much easier to use than some of the other travel sites, and I have been able to find fairly affordable flights the last few times I have been booking air travel.

While flights certainly aren't cheap right now, it does help to know that there are sites that will help you navigate your travel. also has sections for hotel and rental car searches, although I've only ever used it for air travel.

I have a few upcoming trips that I'm hoping to take, none of which will be cheap, but hopefully if I can be creative, they will stay affordbale. I would hate to be the girl on vacation who can't enjoy herself because she is constantly worrying about how much she is spending.



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