Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year! It's resolution the spirit of starting off the year on the right foot, we resolve to make some changes in our lives.

I have never been great about sticking to my resolutions, so this year I'm trying to set smart goals for myself that I can actually achieve. (Maybe putting them in print will assist in reminding me to focus on them.) I'm sticking with two, here they are:

Resolution One: Train for a Half Marathon
This might seem totally crazy, since I am trying to focus on more achievable goals, but I've done my research and this one is possible. With a ten-week set training program (and a few extra weeks to prep), I should be able to get in shape in time for a half marathon in April. I think this is actually more realistic then setting a broad goal like "exercise more" or "lose weight" because there is a set timeline I'm working with. It may require some new running shoes, which counteracts my next goal, but really, it's a safety thing!

Resolution Two: Save an Emergency Fund
While I hope to spend less in general, the one thing that I'm really lacking right now is an emergency fund. Should I run into a financial emergency such as car issues or a big medical expense, I am currently unprepared to cover those needs. With the current economy, that is just not okay. Most financial experts seem to say that an emergency fund should be equal to three to six months of a person's salary. It will take me some time to accumulate that amount, but it's time to get started. This will also require a change in spending habits. Food expenses are going to be the first thing to be cut.

It's time to get started....wish me luck!


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