Sunday, August 14, 2011

#28 Buy myself a really nice piece of jewelry.


So, first the why. I don't tend to wear a ton of jewelry, and most of what I have is from Target or other cheap places. Because when I do get a new piece, I tend to break it or lose it. Unfortunately, the amethyst stud earrings that my grandparents got me for my first communion (confirmation?) managed to find their way through the vacuum cleaner back in high school. Sad day.

As a "grown up," I am now wanting to build a collection of jewelry that I can wear for both work and play. Nothing super fancy or pretentious, just some nice pieces that I can wear every day.

I made a promise to myself that if I got the job offer at UWM, I would get myself something special. We're not talking about anything from Tiffany or anything like that - I'm poor and a girl's gotta eat. However, I wanted something that would remind me of this opportunity that I have been given.

A good friend sells jewelry for Stella & Dot and I had gone to one of her parties earlier in the spring. I had my eye on a certain charm necklace....

And now it's mine! It's the On the Mark necklace and it's adorbs. I love little delicate necklaces that go well with a lot of different outfits. 

Was it expensive? Nope. And that's okay with me. Because my measure of success is not in how much money I spend, but rather how something fits me. And I feel like this necklace is pointing me in the right direction. : ) 


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