Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christmas Crafting: DIY Snow Globes

Yes, I realize that Christmas is still a long time off. No, I have not starting decorating my house. I love my fall decorations too much to take them down before December. But December 1st, these bad boys are coming out:

Another quick, fun, as-seen-on-Pinterest project. Snow globes in mason jars. I basically just used some glue dots to fasten some toys, ornaments to the jar lids, then dumped in a bunch of snow-like glitter. Sealed the jar, and dunzo.

I actually first attempted this project a few weeks ago, as a gift for a friend. I made the mistake of adding water to the jar and sealed the thing with Gorilla Glue. The dye in the tree immediately turned the water blue. At first it looked cool. Then it became really cloudy and gross and the Gorilla Glue puffed out and turned orange. Ick. I told her she could throw it away.

Sure, my glitter may not float. It may not be a "true" snow globe. But I still think these things are cute. I may just have to make a few more.

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