Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Crafting: Santa Wreath

One of my self-imposed rules for Christmas this year is not to go overboard. I love all things Christmas - cookies, decorating, gifts, etc. - but it can get very overwhelming. When it comes to new decorations, I am trying to utilize the ones we already have and make just a few new things. Sadly, this means I didn't buy the gorgeous chevron tree skirt that I found on Etsy. Womp womp. So pretty. I guess I'll just wrap some fleece blankets around the bottom again...

Anyway, my plan for this year is that I can be creative with all of the supplies filling my craft drawer (and wheelie suitcase, and front hall closet...). Which was perfect for making my very own Santa wreath from this Pinspiration!

I already had a skein of red yarn sitting around, and I had purchased two wreath forms from my last wreath project. Which meant that all I had to do was spend some time wrapping the thing with yarn while watching this week's Scandal and Grey's Anatomy on Sunday afternoon, and I was close to finished. I just added a felt belt with a little buckle made from yellow craft foam, and voila.

I love it, despite the fact that Chris told me it was a very nice steering wheel cover... Boo. Definitely an improvement from my last wreath-making experience.

Now if only I could figure out how to DIY my own chevron tree skirt....

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