Wednesday, March 6, 2013

13 Races and 13.1 in 2013

Remember when I ran a lot? I'd like to do that again.
One of my main goals for this year is to get back into a regular running schedule, and to check off that half marathon goal. 13.1 in 2013? Yes, please. I really miss running. While I wasn't fast, it was amazing stress relief, and something I can do that is just for me.

And what I found last year, is that I really liked the opportunity to do those shorter races. They were way more fun than my plain old training runs. So why not aim to complete 13 races this year?! 

So here is my schedule for what I'd like to do this spring/summer to get started:

  1. Saturday, March 23 - Bunny Rock Run 5K
  2. Saturday, April 27 - Either the Deer Run 10K (which I did last year) or the Crazylegs Classic 8K
  3. Saturday, May 11 - The Cupcake Run 5K (c'mon, does this not have my name all over it?)
  4. Saturday, May 25 - The Color Run Racine (this is more of a fun one)
  5. Saturday, June 8 - The Lombardi Run
  6. Wednesday, June 12 - SuperRun 5K
  7. Saturday, June 15 - Either the Lighthouse Run 10 miler in Racine, or the Rock N' Sole Quarter Marathon (I participated in both races last year and am bummed that they fall on the same day!)
  8. Wednesday, July 4 - The Firecracker 4
  9. Thursday, July 11 - Storm the Bastille 5K
  10. Thursday, July 18 - Festa 5K (no info yet)
  11. Saturday, July 20 - Sausage Racers 5K
As for the half marathon, I have a few options:

I am hoping to decide fairly soon. I'm leaning towards the Brewer's Half because it gives me a little more time, and will likely not be blazing hot like it was in August last year.

Does this sound like fun to you? Run with me! I'd love a buddy.

Don't live by me? That's okay. We can run together virtually.  A blog running group if you will. Share a race that you might like to do in the comments section, and I'll cheer for ya from here!

Never run before? That's okay. I started totally from scratch last year. And I'll basically be starting over again now. I used a Couch to 5K program, which was a great tool to help me start slow and build steady progress along the way. I totally recommend it.

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