Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wedding Party: Assemble!

Anyone else excited for Anchorman? 


Thought I'd share these pictures of the little gifts I made. I wanted to find a special way to ask some pretty wonderful people to be part of our wedding party. I received an amazing box like this from a friend who asked me to be in her wedding, and I use it to store keepsakes. I also was admiring the ones on Rinse. Repeat, a very lovely blog that you should read. Between the two of them, I had some great inspiration. Although I was more than a little awkward when I gifted this to Maria and said "Sorry....I kind of copied you..."

You can sort of see that I included some little notes with details about our wedding. It was a fun way to share wedding colors, info about dresses, etc.

I love crafts. This is definitely one of the more fun parts of wedding planning.

Sorry if this is too girlie. Perhaps a running post next...

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