Sunday, July 7, 2013

Yeah, I Run.

I have run two races in the last month and am still walking. : )

Last year Chris and I ran the Rock n' Sole 5K together in celebration of his birthday. This year, I decided to push myself to get ready for the quarter marathon. Approx. 6.55 miles.

This year's race was nothing like last year. We woke up in the morning to gloomy skies and rain. We drove down to the lakefront, and my goal was to stay as dry as a I could for as long as I could. Unfortunately, my shoes were wet almost immediately.  It wasn't warm, but also not exactly cold. Kinda sticky. I also had a gross feeling in my stomach that I was hoping would go away by race time. It didn't. Not how you want to start a race. I started out with long sleeves on, but had to stop about halfway through to take off the top layer.

The Rock n' Sole goes up and over the Hoan Bridge. I don't know if others get excited about this. It's alright. Sort of one giant hill. Honestly, it was one of those ugly races that you just want to finish and get out of my soggy shoes as soon as possible. And I did! All things considered, I was pretty proud of my time. I think if they fall the same day next year and if I'm ready, I might choose The Lighthouse Run instead.

Fast forward to this week. I started off the Fourth running the Firecracker Four - a four-mile race through the neighborhoods of Hales Corners. Completely opposite day. Warm and very sunny. With so many cool days lately, it was a pleasant surprise. But of course, I am the idiot that left the sunscreen in the car. Thankfully I didn't get too red. I started this race quite a bit faster, and had a pretty great time again - 38:28. It felt really good to finish. I would definitely do that one again.

I have been having such a different running year than last summer. We have really only had a few hot days so far. I anticipate I'll have quite a few more hot runs moving forward, but it's been nice to actually be able to get outside.

Up until now, I have been creating my own running plan. From here on out, it's official half training for the Brewers Mini Marathon!

Next up: Another fun run, followed by a 10K. Wish me luck!

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