Sunday, August 15, 2010

Book #8: House Rules

Yes, another Jodi Picoult book. This time, her most recent release, House Rules.

The cast of characters in House Rules include a teenage boy with Asperger's, his mother and younger brother. Jacob's fixation on crime scene investigations eventually finds him as a suspect in one, bringing his young lawyer and a police detective into the story as well as everyone tries to piece together what exactly happened.

I found this story really interesting, especially after taking a course on students with disabilities earlier this summer. Picoult's characters provide great insight into what it's like to have or live with someone who has Asperger's, a disorder on the autism spectrum that is not very well known. 

At a few points in the story, eighteen year-old Jacob talks about wanting to go to college and his dreams of a future career. It made me think about what it might be like for a student with Asperger's in the college setting, a place where I work every day. With the accommodations that are available today, I know that there is more access for students with Asperger's to attend college and have careers. 

I've been a Jodi Picoult kick lately, and this book certainly didn't disappoint. 

I'm recognizing that my time for leisure reading is coming to an end. I'll be turning my attention to reading for class and work very soon, which is likely to cut down on my library trips until next summer. It has been a good one.  

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