Monday, July 11, 2011

Artsy Fartsy

I have a new love. It's called Pinterest.

It is a fantastic site that let's you "pin" different photos and web sites to a virtual pin board. All things one finds pretty.

It has quickly grown into an addiction. I could pin all day. Beautiful cakes that I want to bake. Clothes I would die to own. Recipes that sound delicious, but that I will probably never try (I had cereal for dinner). I just can't get enough.

I love to pin fun craft ideas. A good DIY project totally makes my day. And thanks to a post pinned from here, I spent my Saturday night and Sunday morning making this:

It's a beaut. Haha. 

Well, at least I think so. Just a glass bowl, some glass gems and a little hot glue and voila. Now if you thought that clear tacky glue might hold on those gems, you would be wrong (try number one). I'm finding that the hot glue may not be the strongest bonding agent either, as a few of the gems have popped off. So I'll be looking for some new glue options to make sure I can continue to display my pretty bowl. In the meantime, I've been pulling off the little stringies that the hot glue has left behind in it's spot on the side table. 

Ahh crafting fun.   

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