Tuesday, September 20, 2011

30B430 Book #2: Bossypants

I love Tina Fey. Can't get enough of her. In fact, she may be my celebrity doppleganger. Well, maybe not Tina Fey herself, but Liz Lemon...definitely. I couldn't wait to get into Bossypants, her first book (I say first, hoping that there will be a second).

Because I have recently transitioned into a bus commuter, with roughly two hours a day spent in transit, I ended up downloading the Audible app for my iPhone. Sadly, reading on the bus makes me quite green, which is not exactly the way I want to start or end my day. Listening to books, however, provides an awesome way to spend my time, and still enjoy some fun reading outside of all my studying for my comprehensive exams. With my membership to Audible, I got one free credit for a free book. Enter Bossypants, read by Tina Fey herself.

Let me say, if you have read the book, go back and get the audio version. I have never laughed so hard. Which led to a few awkward moments with my fellow bus riders. I should have asked the bus driver to put it over the intercom so that everyone could share in my joy.

Tina goes through her life, from a young girl who realizes she has "old parents," through her time working at the YMCA post-college before joining the Second City in Chicago, and her eventual fame on SNL, 30 Rock, and mocking Sarah Palin during the 2008 elections. She also shares some of her hilarious experiences with motherhood, which are both endearing and hilarious. The only thing I felt like I missed was the pictures included in the book, that she references several times often to make fun of her clothing, hair etc. Apparently with some audio versions, you get those in a PDF.

This is one book that everyone should read, or have read to them by Tina.

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