Monday, October 1, 2012

Northern Exposure Part 1: Treating Ourselves

I have been working myself up for a Treat Yo Self weekend over the past few months. I think that Ann and I just may have achieved that one during my first full day in Duluth. 

This day had it all. Pedicures. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Sushi. Makeup. Boots. Accessories. Flannel. You heard it. Flannel. 
Ruby Toes!

It is only appropriate to buy flannel in MN for a trip to Canada
The only thing keeping me from calling it a shopping "spree" is that we were fairly leisurely. Not exactly spree like.  But there was shopping. Lots of it. 

Ann is a wonderful/horrible shopping partner. Why? Because she is incredibly encouraging and complimentary. Very good at finding things that I "need." Which is only horrible for my wallet. Wonderful for my self esteem, and my wardrobe. Do I need new earrings - of course! She makes shopping super fun!

Ann is not only a good shopping partner, she is a great eating partner. We ate quite well during my visit. Delicious food and beer at Fitger's Brewery on my first night there. Sushi for lunch on day two. Burgers at The Anchor in Superior, WI - a totally awesome dive. And I cannot go without mentioning the food and pie that we had at the Rustic Inn Cafe in Castle Danger, MN on our drive back from Canada. Wow. 

Blueberry cream pie on a meringue crust. I must figure out how to recreate this.
Ann did me right - sending me off on the road with some stuffed french toast from Uncle Louis Cafe on Sunday. I ate every last bite on that plate.

We also got to explore the city a bit more before I left and get an up close and personal view of the lift bridge letting a boat through. Exciting stuff!

Lots of treats throughout this weekend. The big treat though - our trip to Canada. Which will just have to wait for another post. Who is excited?!

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