Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Breaking 300

So I missed the big 300th post. It was actually my Hitting the Pavement post about getting back out on the road. Seems like a fitting milestone. (This post is 303.)

But, I thought that hitting 300 would be a good opportunity to share some fun stats from my blog. I'm a nerd. I like data.

Which are the most popular posts? These had the highest stats:
  1. Pinterest Challenge - This traffic is definitely thanks to linking my project on major sites like Young House Love and Bower Power. It saw 596 viewers!
  2. A Change in the Game - This was my post about having to stop training for the marathon. I was shocked to see that it was viewed 243 times. 
  3. Cupcake Fun and a Giveaway - 134 people were excited about that one!
  4. Just a Short-Haired Girl - Who doesn't get excited about a major haircut? 112 views.
  5. Our New Place: First Look! Back in March, I wrote about our new apartment. 91 views.
  6. The Final Countdown - This was the haircut preview that got viewed 89 times.
  7. Guilt - This was a hard post to write about my dissertation struggles. It got shared with either 80 people, or a few of you couldn't help but read it over and over.
  8. Short Hair FAQs - This was a recent post about the transitions to short hair. 74 views.
  9. To the Bride and Groom - My toast to Eric and Maria for their wedding. 67 views.
  10. 27. Find the perfect pair of jeans - Apparently getting a pair of skinny jeans is exciting enough to read 65 times.
Over half of those post are from the last few months, which is fun. Glad to know more peeps are reading my blog.

Which posts typically get the least views? Usually my book reviews. That's okay. I know not everyone is a book nerd like me.

Who reads this ish? The majority of readers are from the United States, but I also have had a number of visitors from Russia, the UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Thailand, Brazil, France, and many other countries. So fun!

How do people get here? I thought it would be fun to share some of the things people have been searching for that have brought them to my blog:
  1. old navy rockstar super skinny jeans - sorry folks, not a shopping website!
  2. tooth fairy costume - one of my past Halloween favorites.
  3. homeland tv on netflix - love that show.
  4. alpha phi creed - this warms my heart.
  5. coolest mermaid costumes - another great idea for Halloween!
  6. daughter euro bungy - planning a birthday party, maybe?
  7. easy diy fall decor
  8. fall banner diy
  9. fall pennant banner
  10. gingerbread man costume
If you were searching for one of those things, welcome! Hopefully you decide to come back again.

So that is that. Just a little blog fun.

Happy Wednesday!
(If you were one of the first to read this, it may have said Tuesday....just one of those days.)


  1. Kristin, 300, that's beyond amazing. CONGRATS!

    And #4, the creed, I freakin' love that.

    1. Thanks Liz! I actually had the chance to attend a Greek Retreat for another campus this past weekend and got to share the creed with some fellow Phis who didn't know it as well. It was pretty amazing!


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