Sunday, April 14, 2013

Traditional and Not So Traditional

My mom is so witty. She gave Chris these farm animals as my dowry.
How many heads of cattle is standard? 
Sorry for the delay...there is still a post coming about the time I got stuck in an elevator. But for now, this...

In the few weeks since Chris and I announced our engagement, I have had a lot of people comment on how untraditional that we are are. Truth. We have lived together for quite some time. We did not have a traditional proposal. More of the "let's open our calendars and pick a date to get married."

I have a friend who said many times, pre-engagement, that I would be the one who called, not to say I was engaged, but rather that I was married. That might be more my style. I am significantly more excited about the being married part than the getting married part. Many people I talk to expect the opposite since I plan events for work. I must love this stuff. It's like planning formal recruitment but all for me! Any of my former students can tell you just how I felt about formal recruitment. Really, the thought of planning a wedding is more anxiety-inducing than anything else. I am excited, just not necessarily about the little details.

But celebrating with family and friends is important to us and outweighs the parts I don't like. So we are going to plan something small. Something special. Something that represents us.

What I need most from my friends and family as we plan: Be patient. Limit unsolicited advice. Don't worry - I'm not afraid to ask for help when I need it. Let us do this our way, even if it isn't your way. Don't freak out if I'm not overly enthusiastic about favors or a candy bar or bachelorette parties. Not my thing.

So if this blog doesn't turn into a conversation about which flower arrangements I have picked, or all of the wedding crafts I am making, please forgive me. I'll share an update or two when it matters.

Right now, all that matters is that we'll be getting married. Just over a year from now.

: )

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