Monday, May 20, 2013

An Unexpected Purchase

Did you guess what I bought?

I have a wedding dress. And I love it.

I wasn't planning on looking for a dress this early. In fact, I was sort of planning to delay that step for quite some time. The thought of standing in a bridal store and trying on a whole bunch of giant pouffy gowns while a bunch of people sit by to give me feedback...well, it just might give me hives.

Up until this point, I had pinned some ideas on Pinterest, and I had been looking online at the gowns from J.Crew and Ann Taylor. Nothing major. But then both of those sites just happened to post major sales last week. Which made it reasonable to purchase a few to try, and then send back if they didn't work out.

I ordered them last Monday and they arrived at my mom's house last Thursday. On Saturday, my mom, sister, and I gathered at her house so that I could try them on. This involved draping a whole room in sheets, to try to avoid the hair from my mom's cat, Gigi. Naturally, she ran through the room twice while I had dresses on, creating a giant cloud of white fluff in the air. Party crasher.

I tried on three dresses. The first one I put on stole my heart. And all three of us agreed it was a wonderful choice.

The discounted price also allowed me a bit of a treat. Some awesome shoes to wear with it. : )

I would say that this has me even more excited for the big day.

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