Monday, May 27, 2013

Two Training Plans - Part One

I'm the one with the purple elbow.
This past weekend, I had an awesome time running The Color Run 5K in Racine. It felt so good to get in my second 5K, and I have even more big races ahead. I am officially signed up to do the Brewers Half Marathon in September!

My running has been what you might call intermittent lately. As has my writing. I did best last spring/summer, when I stuck to a running plan with a prescribed schedule. I am thinking that will help me, not only for running, but writing as well. So here is my plan to make significant progress in both areas of my life, in two parts. Running first.

My initial goal was to be ready to do the Lighthouse 10 Mile Run by June 15th. When that didn't seem possible anymore, I signed up for the Rock N Sole Quarter Marathon. That gives me just a few weeks to get back to 6.5 miles. I also went through and registered for all of the races that I plan to do this summer. Committing to that payment makes it a lot less likely that I am going to back out.  

Running Schedule

Week of May 21
Run 1: 2 miles
Run 2: 3 miles
Run 3: The Color Run Racine 5K
Run 4: 5 miles

Week of May 20
Run 1: 3 miles
Run 2: 3 miles
Run 3: 2 miles
Run 4: 6 miles

Week of June 3
Run 1: 2 miles
Run 2: 3 miles
Run 3: 3 miles
Run 4: 4 miles

Week of June 10
Run 1: 2 miles
Run 2: 3 miles
Run 3: 2 miles
Run 4: Rock n' Sole Quarter Marathon - 6.5 miles

I am a few weeks (okay, months) behind where I would like to be at this point, but I am committed to sticking to this and making time for running.

Hope to see you out on the road. Let me know if you'd like to do a race together.


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