Thursday, May 9, 2013

Planning Progress

No joke, fortune cookie. No joke. (my actual fortune: 4/20/13)
Oh, wedding planning. It is amazing how it becomes the major topic of conversation. I definitely get asked more about wedding planning than my dissertation progress now. Which is perhaps a good thing. So here is the update. 
Things We Have Set
  • Date: Sunday, May 25, 2014 - yes, we are getting married on a Sunday. But it is Memorial Day weekend, so it is really like a Saturday. No worries.
  • Location: The Milwaukee Public Market - couldn't be more excited about this! I love food.
  • Colors: Black. White. Gold. Heavy on the Sparkles and the Stripes. In a way that is classy, not tacky. Because that's how I roll. See a few images below (which I will go back and mark for sources, when I have a moment). Pretty.

Please note that we have had this color scheme planned since long before The Great Gatsby came out. Every wedding blog seems to be making a Gatsby themed wedding post right now. Which is great for my Pinterest board. But I have a feeling we won't be the only ones doing this color scheme in the next year or so. We will not, however, be wearing roaring 20s attire. I'll leave that part to you. 

Things We Have No Idea About
  • Who else is invited beyond Chris and I. Rough idea, but not finalized. It is surprisingly hard to plan a guest list when you are looking to keep it small. 
  • Where, how, and with whom we will be doing the ceremony.
  • What we are wearing. Clothes of course. But they'll be a surprise.
  • What we are eating. Please note that I care more about this than the what we are wearing part. Food. Yum.
  • Any of our other vendors. I will be soliciting feedback from a few friends who have planned recent Milwaukee weddings. At some point. Just not today.
  • All of the little details. Do I have a Pinterest board? Of course I do. Do you even know me?! But I have decided to keep it private. Why? Because I realize that over half of the things I pin will likely not actually happen at the wedding. And I don't want our friends and family getting all excited for something totally amazing, yet implausible, like wedding pony rides, just because I pinned it, and then feeling totally let down. That would just be silly.
And that is that. Let's go back to talking about tv, books and movies now.

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