Sunday, September 19, 2010

Book #11: Heart of the Matter

I have had some great luck with the public library lately. Just as I was finishing Promises to Keep by Jane Green, I got an e-mail that another book had come in off of my summer list.


Emily Giffin's latest book, Heart of the Matter, focuses on a new set of messy, complicated relationships, revolving around two strong female characters, Tessa and Valerie. Giffin weaves back and forth between the two characters' points of view as their worlds collide following a life-changing accident. 

As in her past books, Giffin creates flawed characters who you can neither love or hate. At times you will cheer for them. And then they will make decisions that you don't agree with, but you will understand the emotions and thoughts behind what they do, and walk with them in their shoes as best you can.

Giffin also weaves in some of her previous characters, this time Dex and Rachel, from her first book Something Borrowed. I've always enjoyed these overlaps between her books.

I also find that although Giffin's work would be labeled "Chick Lit," her writing seems to be at a slightly higher caliber than some of the others. I certainly wouldn't put it in the cheesy category. 

Worth checking out. 

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