Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm Back...

Well, I have finally recovered from the madness that is Sorority Formal Recruitment. When people hear that I advise fraternities and sororities, they say "Oh, that sounds fun!" And I usually respond with, "Yes, it is...most of the time." I know that they don't really care to hear all of the complexities of my job - that it sometimes involves a lot of conversations about students' bad decisions, or that it involves a lot of night/weekend hours on top of the regular business ones. Because there are so many things that are truly fun about my job. It's different every day. And there are a lot of moments where I think to myself, "Wow, I get paid for doing this."

Like when I have to make a trip to Sam's Club to buy recruitment supplies - including over 300 Capri Suns and over 3,000 mints.

It's even more fun when I get to have the following conversation:

Man: That's a lot of mints.
Me: Yes, yes it is. Over 3,000.
Man: Do you run a day care?
Me: (pause) No, sorority recruitment. 

I'll be honest, sometimes it does feel like a day care. Or as my friend Ann would say "A day care, night care, and life care." We really are involved in so many aspects of the students' lives.

And although I'm not in the job for any recognition or rewards, it is really nice when the students recognize that I do care about them and that I choose to give them my time and energy because I really care about what they are doing. After one of the craziest weeks of recruitment yet, I was truly touched to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers from one of the sororities.

It may not be a high-paying job, and it may bring a lot of stress, but at the end of the day, I really enjoy what I do. Where else would I get to buy nine pounds of gummi bears?

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