Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have returned from St. Louis and my test is done. It was probably the most challenging test that I have ever taken. And boy, did it wipe me out. I'm still recovering and slowly become less of a zombie. Just given me one moment while I turn my brain back on. Now I just have to patiently wait for my results for the next month or so... I would really love to check passed my comps (#13) off the list!

Speaking of zombies - now that all my studying is done, it is time to start planning for a Halloween costume! Halloween is probably my favorite holiday of the year. I firmly believe in homemade, creative, and non-slutty costumes. In fact, my inspiration most often comes from costumes intended for small children. In the past, I have been the statue of liberty, a pig, the tooth fairy, and most recently Princess Peach in a group of Mario and friends. For this year, I have found a number of great ideas on Pinterest including:

This mermaid costume. Check out the amazing tail, made with cupcake liners! (Picture originally from here)

This adorable sheep! This may be a winner - black shirt, leggings, and a hoodie covered in hundreds of cotton balls - sold! (Photo originally from here)
I love the washing machine. So cute.  Although I'm feeling like a box could be a little bulky. (Photo originally from here).

I had to pin this photo, because my sister is an alumna of Chi Omega. Such a cute owl costume! (Photo originally found here).

Gotta love the gingerbread man costume. Totally makes me think of Shrek. (Photo originally found here).

I hope it doesn't seem creepy that these are all kids costumes. I promise I'm not a weirdo, just a big kid at heart who really hates most all adult costumes are typically pretty trashy. Looks like it's time to do some crafting...

On another note, I can check #21 off the list. More details to come soon!

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