Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Tricky

Today I was thinking about which of the items on the 30B430 list would be the most challenging. Initially I thought it would be the flash mob, but that one seemed to come together. That leaves a few others in the running.

First, there is #6 Run a Half Marathon. That will be physically challenging, especially with the amount of training it requires. I certainly can't put it off until the last minute.

A number of items also involve traveling, including #8 Use my passport, #9 Take a classic American road trip, #16 Visit a state I've never been to before, and #29 Go to Las Vegas. To accomplish each of those, it will involve a minimum of two trips. More likely three, because driving all the way to Las Vegas doesn't sound like the best use of my funds. The challenge with the traveling is fitting that many trips into a year and four months - especially since one requires international travel.

Another challenge that I'm currently staring down is the Man v. Food Challenge (#22). If I interpret that literally, I would have approximately 79 food challenges to choose from. However, only one of them is in Milwaukee. So I either need to eat this or commit to traveling. I'm not opposed to hitting the road (especially since there are a few trips that need to happen anyway. However I could also attempt a MVF-like challenge, and stick to this list of Milwaukee Food Challenges.

As I think about what type of challenge that I'd be willing to attempt, I'm noticing that they seem to fall into a few categories: spicy, lots of dairy, big pizza, lots of meat, lots of burger/sandwich, lots of breakfast, and the occasional lots of taco/burrito/nacho or seafood. Plus most involve speed due to the time element. Spicy is out. Can't do it. Dairy is also out - Food is almost always guaranteed to win that one, especially if it involves a brain freeze from ice cream. A meat challenge (typically a big steak) seems to involve a lot of chewing, and probably the meat sweats. So that narrows down the list quite a bit. I think I should probably start training my stomach. This one may not be great for my goal to get in shape and lose weight...

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