Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hail to the Chief

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to attend the Inauguration of UWM's eighth Chancellor, Michael R. Lovell.

As I mentioned earlier, there was a week of Inauguration events leading up to the event. While at the Lovell*Palooza Meet and Greet, I was asked by a student, "What is a Chancellor?" Huh. Never had to explain that one before. I stumbled over..."Well, he's the CEO of the university....sort of like the president..." Can you think of a better explanation?

The inauguration was really cool. When you think about the length of time that many university and college presidents and chancellors hold their positions, it really is a unique opportunity to see an inauguration. I don't watch American Idol, but apparently one of the top ten contestants last season, Naima Adedapo, was a UWM student. She sang the National Anthem at the event. Check out the video from UWM news - her voice is just beautiful!

There were a lot of speeches. We're talking longer than your typical graduation. But each guest had wonderful things to say about the Chancellor. His own speech was also very touching.

One of the coolest parts was a video that showed how faculty and students came together to create the Chancellor's medallion. It is tradition that each chancellor or president wears one at formal university occasions (convocation, graduation, etc.). The one created for Chancellor Lovell is anything but traditional...

(Video courtesy of UWM News)

Really cool, right?! I love how it represents both his Engineering background and the city of Milwaukee. Very modern and appropriate for the times. It is an exciting time to be at the university!

Best wishes to Chancellor Lovell in his new role!

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