Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Short Hair FAQs

Here is the back for you curious folks!
I'm just four days into short hair and am loving it! Thank goodness, right?! Because that really would have sucked to cut it all off and hate it. No way dudes.

The reactions I have gotten from people have been amazingly positive. It is totally a day maker each time someone tells me that they love it, or how much it suits my face. I have even run into students who I have assisted in our office, but whose name I don't know, who have said, "wow, awesome haircut!" I honestly do not know if anyone would tell me if they hated it, but I will always assume the best - that they ain't lyin'.

Here are some of my favorite reactions/questions I have gotten so far: 

What does the back look like? (from those who have only seen pics online). There it is! Short in the front, and in the back. Not a mullet.  

Wait, is there a ponytail back there? Nope! Not even a tiny rat tail. It's gone!

Woah, what made you do that? I'd actually been planning it for awhile. Months. Wanted a change and was sick of my long hair. (Internal thoughts: Clearly you don't read my blog. Haha.)

Is it weird to get used to? Yes and no. There are moments when it feels weird (like when I thought I looked like the Biebs). But most of the time I don't even think about it. I feel like the hardest part right now is that my hair is having its typical first-week reaction, where it doesn't do what I want it to. I always have to give it a week of growth to get used to its new style. Does anyone else have this same experience? Hair has a mind of its own. I believe it. 

Did you donate the rest? Sadly, no. It had been my plan to ask, but the hair was already snipped and hanging out on the floor before I remembered. In all of that excitement to cut it off, we had jumped right in and it was already too late. I did donate my hair back in 2004, which was an awesome experience. I would totally recommend it to anyone else who may be thinking about going shorter.

How did Chris react? He actually didn't see it in person until the following day, because he was out of town during the weekend that I cut it. I did send him a picture via text though. I have, of course, bugged him about whether or not he likes it multiple times since he has gotten back. To which he responds, "Yes, I like it. Do you expect me to just stare at it all day?" Fair.

Is it harder to style? I've heard it can be harder to have short hair. Depends on what you consider harder. It is faster/easier to wash. It air dries nicely in about 10-15 minutes (yeah straight hair!), blow dries in 2-3 minutes. A little product and I'm set. I consider that far easier. Especially because most days with long hair, I chose not to style it at all, because it was too much work and just never looked the way I wanted it to. I will say that with short hair, I may just look a little crazy if I try to leave the house without washing it first, because I get some awesome bedhead in the morning. We're talking full-on Alfalfa sticking up in the back.

You are definitely going to have to wear makeup everyday! To give some context, this was said by a family member, known for typically giving honest, blunt reactions (cough: Mom). So my actual response in the moment was: "Mom! Why is that the first thing that comes out of your mouth?!" Do you have these moments with your family too? Chris tells me that I do exactly the same thing...hmm. My more mature response that I would offer now - I know that she made the statement because I am almost ghostly pale, and with dark hair and dark glasses, my features get washed out pretty easily. That's a true statement - short hair or long hair. I know, coming from my mom, who had short hair for most of her life, that it was not meant as a statement that I have to wear makeup to demonstrate that I am feminine, not masculine. However, for others who may have similar thoughts - it's my call on exactly how much makeup that I choose to wear on a daily basis. I do like to play with makeup and wear it most days, but I guess that I don't feel like my femininity needs to be defined by makeup. Okay, I'll jump off the gender expression soapbox for now. And I will say that my mom really likes my hair, and has been very supportive, so please don't give her any flack. : )

So that's what it is like to have short hair so far. It's growing on me. Haha.

Toodles. : )


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