Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stop. Breathe. Bounce.

Welp, it has been a stressful few weeks. And I am thankful that things are going to return to a busy, but normal pace. Which hopefully means getting back to more blogging. I apologize, I just haven't had the time or the energy to post my various life adventures. So here is a short one...

Last Friday, we hosted the biggest event, Pantherfest. And I had the opportunity to lead up the team that planned the pre-show. Consider it the carnival before the concert. We planned for weeks. Our event ran from 3-6 pm. It began downpouring promptly around 2:45 pm. From there, stuff started to fall apart a bit as the wind picked up and it rained harder.

Despite the heavy, cold rain, students came. And they ate. As long as you offer free food, rain won't stop everyone, especially when the line for the buses is adjacent to your event. Lesson learned.

I wish I could say I was totally calm and collected throughout the event, but I was honestly a ball of stress. Not at my best. Until I took a minute to stop, breathe, and just enjoy the event. Specifically, by bouncing...

Right before they began to tear down, I decided to go for it and jumped on the Euro Bungee. There are videos floating around of me totally getting scared on the thing and yelling, "I don't want to flip!" Awesomely embarrassing. But super fun. And a much needed release. Because when you are wearing a harness strapped to bungee cords, you just jump.

Like my new rain boots?

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