Sunday, September 2, 2012

27. Find the perfect pair of jeans

I am not someone who owns a lot of pairs of jeans. I hate shopping for jeans, and will usually give up pretty quickly. I'll find one pair that I like and just wear those over and over. Didn't you know, jeans don't get dirty.

After cleaning out my closet last week, I own exactly 5 pairs:
  1. One long dark pair for wearing with heels (which almost never happens). (Gap Long and Leans)
  2. One old pair I have kept for when I do service, painting, or other dirty stuff. (American Eagle)
  3. One cheap comfy pair for wearing around the house on Saturdays that honestly give me dumpy mom butt when they get too loose. (Target Boyfriend Jeans)
  4. One short dark pair that I wear with flats/sandals (Gap 1969s)
  5. And my newest pair: My skinnies! (Old Navy Rockstar Skinny)
Last weekend, on our way back from Madison, we stopped at the outlets in Johnson Creek. We ended up spending quite a bit of time in Old Navy, where I tried on anything and everything, but ended up walking out with two things: a black polka dot sleeveless top, and my first pair of skinny jeans. 

It took me awhile to even get up the confidence to try on a pair of skinny jeans. I actually initially was going to have #27 be: Get a pair of skinny jeans, but as a girl with a butt/hips, that didn't seem like something that would be an option for me. Eventually I did decide to try some on, but they were always either way too long that they looked funny, or too loose in the waist/butt but tight in the legs, that they looked totally crazy. Fail.

I ended up trying on a pair of Rockstar Super Skinny jeans, and was pleasantly surprised that the length and fit worked pretty well. The stretch makes a big difference. Chris said that I looked a little bit like a hipster. I was not too concerned about this. 

BTW, I totally wanted this red sleeveless top with horseshoes on it. But I was thinking practically, and went with the black polka dots instead. 

Anyway, I am pretty happy about them and can't wait to get a pair of boots that I can wear with them. Calling these perfect might be a stretch (haha), but I am a fan. I am going to continue looking, but between these and my Gap 1969s, I have two good options. I am hoping to tone up a bit before buying more clothes. Still have to check off #19!

I think I'll check this one off for now. 


  1. Oh my gosh, those look great! Personally, I gave up on finding ones off the rack that would fit me, so I made my own! Aileen will be so proud. :)

    1. Thanks friend! How did you make your own? I need details!


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