Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finding Free Entertainment

With a relatively small "fun" budget, finding cheap entertainment can be hard. After rough spending months in May and June, I am determined to focus on cheap entertainment for the remainder of the summer, spending as little as possible, but still having fun.

This can be difficult, especially because I am in a long distance relationship, so dating requires travel for at least one person and when we are together, we tend to spend money like you would on vacation. My boyfriend and I made a pact that besides meals, dates have to be free until the end of the summer (although we might splurge for a matinee Harry Potter show this weekend).

I have found that there is actually a lot to do in Saint Louis for free, which can make for some fun nights and weekends. So far I have checked out:

1. AB Brewery Tour - You get to see the Clydesdales and tour the brewery, plus you get free beer samples.

2. St. Louis Arch - It costs money to go up to the top of the Arch (which I'm too scared to do), but the museum and park are free.

3. Free Concerts - Between Fair St. Louis, the All-Star Game and Live on the Levee, the month of July has been packed with free concerts downtown. I got to see Sheryl Crow for free last weekend, and it was an awesome time! All I paid for was a Metrolink ticket to get downtown.

4. Free Seats at The Muny - St. Louis has a municipal theater that puts on about 7 musicals throughout the summer. Each night, free seats are offered at the top of the theater. I went for the first time tonight and got to see Godspell for free. While you are pretty far back, the sound is still great.

5. St. Louis Zoo - St. Louis has one of the most amazing free zoos. The animal exhibits are excellent, especially the penguins, hippos, and big cats.

I am looking for additional free outings to try throughout the rest of the summer. I have a feeling I'll be headed to the museums next, which I have heard are excellent. The Missouri Botanical Gardens is free on Wednesdays and Saturdays if you go before noon, so I will also have to check that out. And there is always my excellent swimming pool at my apartment complex. I try to get good use out of that thing.

There really are plenty of free fun things to do!

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