Friday, July 10, 2009

What a Bargain!

So I made the call to the cable company, fully intending to downgrade to basic cable. The first woman that I talked to took my information, and told me that if I added a telephone line, I would actually have a great bundle, and all three services would be cheaper.

No, not what I want. I am looking to pay less than I am right now. I just want basic cable.

She transferred me to their "retention department" and the next gentleman that I spoke asked "Do you not watch the channels or are you looking to pay less." When I said I wanted to pay less, he told me that for their current promotion I could maintain my extended basic cable (so all of the good channels), and pay just $77/month, apparently only $7 more than what I'd be paying for internet and basic cable.

I guess I got a good deal out of it - I'll be saving about $30/month and I can still watch Food Network. I guess it always pays to ask.

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