Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Own a Big Girl TV

Today I made my first major purchase in quite some time - a 32 inch LCD HDTV. My roommate bought the current tv in our apartment, and it will be moving out at the end of the week. My options were to buy a new one or to go back to using my 16 incher from college. I decided that I'd been made fun of enough for it in the past, it was time to upgrade.

I find purchasing technology especially stressful. I intentionally avoided Best Buy, because I feel like their salespeople complicate the process, trying to get you to buy all sorts of add ons. While I can appreciate their expertise, it's overwhelming. I just need a tv, to watch regular tv shows. No video games, nothing fancy. I don't even know what half the features mean.

I went to Walmart, where I new they had the tv I wanted. It had been sold out the past few times I checked with the store, so I was very excited to see three when I got there today. I knew that Target also had it, but it would be $40 more. I did purchase the two-year service plan from Walmart, just in case. Let's hope that I don't need it.

I haven't set it up yet, but I feel like my single girl apartment just got an upgrade. Now I just need to work on the rest of the decorating.

I also signed up for a AAA membership today. With all of the driving that I do, I was convinced by my boyfriend that it's a good option in the event that I need to be towed or something. Next step in the "becoming a big girl tour"...renter's insurance. A good friend had his apartment broken into a few weeks ago. They stole is laptop and tv, luckily nothing else. I've always been under the assumption that I don't have anything of value, but then when I think about if I had to replace everything I own...that would be awful. I'm planning to call the insurance company tomorrow. Being a grown up requires so many non-fun things.

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