Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bucket Of Yuck

That's how I've been feeling lately. What seemed to be allergies last week has turned into a vicious summer cold this week. We are talking snot everywhere, people. It's not pretty.

A few observations on being sick:
  • Red, chapped nose is not sexy. Vaseline is essential.
  • When your head is totally fuzzy, you start to think crazy things - like maybe leggings COULD be pants. Call for help!
  • Robitussin is still the only cough syrup that I trust. Hoping it doesn't look too shady that I have a bottle in my purse. Probably looks more shady that I tend to drink it out of the bottle. But who wants to clean those tiny little cups? 
  • Snot bubbles at 29 are totally embarrassing. Yeah.
  • Having a guest room is a very good thing when you have a hacking cough at 3 am. I can at least lock myself away and keep from waking everyone else up.
  • There comes a point with a cold where your head becomes more clear because all your snot has drained down to your chest. Which means your cough becomes more awful sounding and way more painful. That is my least favorite part. 
  • I don't know about you, but I am even more awkward when sick. Nice to meet you - let me totally forget that I just coughed for 10 minutes and then offer to shake your hand. Aww crap.
  • Nothing is better than sweatpants and blankets when sick. Until five minutes later when that fever kicks it into high gear...
  • Nobody likes to be around sick people. I get it. I am usually a huge germaphobe myself when I am not sick. Avoid me like the plague.  
Isn't being sick the worst?

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