Sunday, August 26, 2012

Less is More

I don't know what it is about August, but it just flies by. Students come back to campus this week, which made this my last weekend of summer. Chris and I made a point to squeeze in a lot of fun stuff, but I also had one major project that I wanted to get done - cleaning out my closet and dressers.

I did a lot of paring down when we moved last summer, but our lovely duplex has pretty small closets, and mine happened to be overflowing. I already had a garbage bag of clothes sitting in our room waiting to be donated. I felt like it was finally time for a cleanse. Why not start out these next crazy weeks of work with easier access to my clothes? 

So everything came out, and got piled on the bed. I examined for holes/stains, tried on stuff I hadn't worn in awhile, and threw stuff that needed to find a new home into a laundry basket. I am totally cool with cutting down. Why have six pairs of jeans that just fit okay, when I could have three pairs that fit well? I would rather have less clothes and more accessories. Plus, stuff fits in the drawers a lot better with less total stuff. This also helped me to feel better about the stuff I bought at the outlet mall yesterday. : ) 

 Now if I could only cut down on all of those t-shirts...

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