Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our Gallery Wall

We have finally filled the blank wall in our living room, and I am so excited to share!

Check out the new corner!
I did my best to take a picture of each piece, but unfortunately they were pretty gritty. Some are better than others.

One of the paintings I made from the Pinterest Challenge
A map of Madison, drawn entirely in lines from Studio KMO

A little red square mirror we found at Ikea. Oh hey, that's my hand!
A picture I took of Stellie's paws one day.
Some art I made with food coloring, inspired by Young House Love
A print of St. Louis that I got back in the day from Art Shark Designs
And for the bottom row:

A vintage postcard of Indianapolis that Chris found.
Three pics of the kitties that Chris framed for me for Christmas
A print of Providence that I got for Chris from ReStudios
A drawing that I found on Etsy called "Clink" from Genevieve Santos. So cute!
A rooster print that we found on Etsy at The Joy of Color

And finally:
The other Pinterest Challenge print

It has definitely been a work in progress for some time. So glad that we finally were able to hang everything. Right now, it sort of has a theme of the different places we have lived. And our kitties, of course!

I am excited that we still have some room for the wall to grow. Can't wait to see how it changes!

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