Monday, January 14, 2013

Shrink Wrap This

Brr. It's cold. Goodbye 40s and 50s.

After being spoiled with some relatively warmer weather, we get dumped on with icy nastiness and lots of cold air over the weekend. Which is why we finally broke down and covered our windows with plastic on Sunday. 

Do you do this too? Maybe we are the only ones. But after a few years of covering my St. Louis apartment windows with plastic, and learning that the people who lived here before us did the same thing in the living room, we knew we'd likely be shrink wrapping those bad boys again to save money and stay a little warmer.

Check out these action shots:

We have bought the Duck brand kits the past couple of years, which come with pretty easy instructions and enough supplies for plenty of window.

We finished by hanging up some curtains in the front windows. We'd only been using the roller shades, but because they would be under the plastic, we had to commit to keeping them half open until winter is over. If needed, we can pull these shut. Plus they make our apartment look a little more grown up. Not sure if we'll keep em forever, but they'll do for now.

It's crazy how you can actually see the cold air blowing against the plastic. That could be because I didn't get it as tight as it could be. But clearly our old home's beautiful old windows are not the most energy efficient. Yikes!

What are you doing right now to stay warm?   

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