Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Consider this my belated Christmas post. I actually could have written this a month ago. Old news now. 

Christmas came early for our house this year, and it keeps on going.

We actually got the best gift of all back on Black Friday. A brand new washer and dryer!

Some of you may think that appliances sound like a totally boring gift, but I am all about those practical things that I need. We have been trekking back and forth from the laundromat since April, and while it's nice to get all your loads done at once, there is nothing worse than having to lug laundry around during the cold, snowy, yucky months. It is inevitable that one of your clean pairs of undies will fall right out of the dryer and into the brown slop on the floor in the laundromat. Truly tragic.

So as Christmas approached and we learned that our parents were interested in helping us buy a washer/dryer for Christmas, I could not have been giddier. We scouted out the Home Depot sales, read all of the reviews and consumer reports, and settled on a set of Whirlpool Cabrios. It is a top loading washer, but still high efficiency.

At the beginning of December, our beauties came home.

As I watched the delivery men unload and install them, I definitely did a little happy dance. My only sadness is that they didn't come with a big red bow.

It truly was an even for the whole family. Our little snoops both took turns watching the delivery out the window.

Bucky stayed in the doorway long enough that some neighbor kids came to visit him. 
So naturally Stella needed to know what was going on too. 
As if we lived in a sitcom, a second truck pulled up right behind ours. The man jumped out and said "Did you order a washer/dryer?" as ours were clearly sitting in the middle of the driveway. Were we getting punked? Nope. Apparently the next door neighbor also took advantage of the holiday sales and bought a washer/dryer too. Some much higher tech model. Which then made sense why had been standing in the doorway watching our set be unloaded. I think she thought we were stealing her appliances. Instead, a happy day for us both.

Are you here for us too?
Everyone gets a washer/dryer!
I, of course, immediately started a few loads. Chris seems to think that my enthusiasm for doing laundry will eventually wear off. Doubtful. It is actually one household chore that I don't mind at all. There is nothing better than starting a work week without having to worry about clean clothes.

I have a load in as we speak.

To our family, thank you for contributing to the best gift of all. We would have been saving for quite awhile longer without your help. And likely would have had a few tragedies at the laundromat this winter.

Anything exciting show up under your tree? (Or laundry room?)


  1. I am SO jealous. Washer/Dryer, a must have for my next place. I was most excited about a new GIANT crockpot (8quarts!) and new hiking boots.
    Does this mean we're old?

    1. Ooh, have you made anything in the giant crockpot yet? I am actually making pulled pork in our crockpot as we speak.

      I wouldn't say old...

      Maybe more grown up in our tastes?!

      You are welcome to use our washer/dryer any time if it means you'll come visit.

  2. Kirstin, I share your love for practical gifts. Some of my favorite gifts over the last few years were the microfiber kitchen towels this year and a few years ago, a KitchenAid Stand Mixer (squee!).

    This year, my partner traded in his phone upgrades to get be a new phone complete with practical items like a camera for rescue work and faster speed so I can use apps I couldn't with the last model. Probably one of my favorite gifts ever and still (mostly) practical.


    1. That is definitely a great gift. And I feel ya on the Kitchenaid Mixer. Mine was a hand-me-down that I use all the time. I don't have too many of the gadgets that go with it, but it is totally better than a hand-mixer. Doesn't it make it feel like you have a real, grown-up kitchen?


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