Friday, April 30, 2010

The Competition Begins

My coworker and I have a competition during the month of may to determine who can get their office the cleanest and most organized. This is much needed, as my office has become quite the disaster zone. I have files that need to be purged, items that need to be stored in the students' space (not mine), and in general, a lot of clutter that just has to go. It's embarassing.

When I walked into my office today, I was overwhelmed at the amount of stuff that I am going to need to go through. It seems like an impossible task. However, my goal is to break it down into more manageable projects. Here's what I'm thinking:

Week One: Desk
  • Clear off top of desk.
  • Purge filing drawers (3) and reprioritize which files are in them.
  • Develop new filing system for short-term and long-term filing.
  • Reorganize top cabinets.
  • Take home mugs, other personal items.

Week Two: Floor/Table

  • Transfer stored items for students to their office space across campus.
  • Take home personal items.
  • Unpack boxes leftover from move (some of which are strategically hidden).

Week Three: Bookshelf and Filing Cabinet

  • Purge items that are old and no longer used (most of them)
  • Implement new filing system for cabinet.
  • Better utilize space.

Week Four: Final Cleaning/Organizing/Decorating

I may need to haul in a giant dumpster with the amount of stuff that I hope to get rid of. I'll be sure to take some before and after shots too.

Here's to a less cluttered work life!


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