Monday, April 19, 2010

Office Organization Challenge

While I am working on my organization and clutter control at home, I also need to gear some of my efforts towards work as well. My office is in need of some serious time and attention.

In order to provide some extrinsic motivation, my coworker (who also has a cluttered office) and I have entered into a challenge. For the month of May (or at least the business days of May), he and I will compete to have the cleanest and most organized office by the end of the month.

We've determined the following rules:

1. Only $50 may be spent on additional organizational supplies.

2. We can consult with other staff members regarding organizational tips or ideas, however we must do all of the actual work ourselves.

3. We cannot intentionally make our office messier now so that it looks cleaner at the time of judging.

We still have to determine judges, but the loser will have to buy the winner lunch.

I'm excited to see the progress that we make!

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