Sunday, April 18, 2010

From 2 to 1: More Cost Cutting

Netflix has been both a pro and a con towards saving money. When I actually watch my DVDs, it's a great deal and fairly affordable entertainment. But then there are those months where I'll have two discs for the entire month and end up sending them back without ever watching. Problem.

I've debated for awhile cutting Netflix all together, and have put my account on hold several times, especially during those busier months when I'm never home. Lately though, I've been watching a lot of their Watch Instantly movies and tv seasons. The availability has increased significantly since it first started, and with some series offering all of their seasons, it's just as convenient as Hulu (unless it's something you want to watch weekly).

After talking to a friend tonight, I made the move to cut back my Netflix to one DVD at a time. This means I can still watch everything on Watch Instantly, but I can also save about $5/month on the mailed DVDs. Yeah, $5 isn't a ton, but it's something. And if I find I'm still not watching it, then I'll cut it completely.

I think my next step is going to be canceling my cable that I never watch. If only I can make it through the phone call with the Charter Retention Department...

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