Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flower Girl

If there is one thing that brightens my day, it is fresh flowers. I am so thankful for having great friends and family that like to send them as gifts. I thought I'd share some of the pictures of my beautiful bouquets.

Sorry about the grainy quality of the photos - most were taken on my iPhone.

I have the best boyfriend. I really do. He is so incredibly sweet and he likes to send me flowers. For special occasions, when I'm having a bad day, and my favorite - the "just because" flowers. I love the multicolored roses. So does my cat - he chewed them all up, so unfortunately they didn't look like this for too long.

I love fresh vibrant colors, so I was so excited to receive the bouquet at my office from the BF. The colors match the yellow accent wall in my office perfectly. I really miss those flowers...they certainly brightened up the place.

Within the same month, I received this bright bouquet from my mom, who also likes to send "just because" flowers. (Don't you love the beading around the vase!) I kept these in the office to keep them away from Bucky, the chomper.

This next gorgeous arrangement arrived last summer after I had a minor surgery. What a fantastic way to say "get well soon." Thankfully my mom was on hand to do the arranging!

What's even better than being sent flowers? Arriving home to find them! After a long weekend of working, I came home to my apartment to find a lovely fall arrangement on the shelf. What a sweetie!

Flowers are a great thank you! One of the student groups that I advise sent this really artistic arrangement following a successful event. Isn't it amazing?! (please ignore the piles of work on my desk...that just shows how hard that I work, right?)

If you haven't sent anyone flowers in awhile, think about doing so. It will really brighten their day!


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