Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Vice

I have a weak spot. It's called Diet Coke.

I would estimate that on the average day, I would drink 48-60 oz. Yep, that is a lot. Especially when you consider all of the studies that say how awful it is - artificial sweetener, cancer causing, etc. Not to mention that it is supposed to be pretty bad when you are trying to lose weight. 

It tastes so good, but it is time to quit. 

And I am excited to say, I have gone one week without drinking any soda! 

I thought I would get lots of headaches, but I have felt really good. When I have had a craving, I have swapped in unsweetened iced tea, or Crystal Light, although I am trying to stick with mainly water. I do still allow myself a morning coffee, so I have not totally eliminated caffeine. But I think that is pretty reasonable. 

I won't check this one off the 30B430 list, quite yet though. There are a variety of different theories as to how many days it takes to form a habit. This one says 66. So 59 more days to go...

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