Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our New Place: First Look!

So, I am in the process of writing a post about our trip to New Orleans (and Memphis), but still feel like I need some time to process all of the experiences and emotions before I share them. I will likely do so in a few parts.  Stay tuned...

But for now, here it is....our new place! Warning, if you haven't already figured it out,  my photography skills leave something to be desired.

We came back from our trip a day early, which gave Chris and I a bonus day to swing by our apartment and see how things were coming along. The first time that we were there, the old tenants were still living there, and so we saw the place with their things. It helped give some perspective regarding what furniture might fit in the place, which was nice. But they definitely had different furniture than what we'd have, since they had two small kids in the place.

The second time we were there, our landlord was in the process of painting, tearing down wallpaper, and cleaning. I took some pics, but they didn't really do the place justice. It was definitely messy, for good reason. Beware...gritty iPhone photo ahead!

Check out my giant shadow. Spooky!

A few drop cloths weren't going to scare us off though. How excited am I about those built-ins? Very excited.

Here is the front - I love that although it is a duplex, it looks like a house. I do not know why that matters to me, but it does. Front and back yards! (Also, apparently we are supporting some candidate for something. Who knew?)

So here is our kitchen. I love the red counter tops and vintage cabinets. So fun.

You can see our breakfast nook, which looks like this up close. Say hello seashell wallpaper!

That wallpaper is still up, which I am totally cool with. I can work with it. It's clean and in good shape. It was the other wallpaper that I was excited to see go. This blue striped stuff in the guest bedroom. Not terrible, but not great. Sort of dirty and faded. Yes, that's blue trim and a blue closet door.

Fast forward. Hello tan walls and white trim! You were worth the extra wait! Our landlord is the best. 

By far one of my favorite things about the place....

Okay, two favorite things... Leaded glass french doors and a working fireplace in the living room! Amazing. Oh, and of course the gorgeous built-ins. I like them so much, I'm gonna show em again. Chris suggested that we each get one, for our tchotchkes and things. My built-in is gonna be amaze-balls. Yeah, I said it.

Here are some more views. The (blurry) dining room, which was previously papered on the back wall. 

Freshly de-wallpapered and newly painted hallway. I couldn't even tell you what that wallpaper looked like, but I like the neutral tones. Oh, and that little white door is a laundry chute! We will have to keep the curious little kittens away from that one...

And the bathroom. Because every apartment needs one of those. 

We took over a carload of things, none of which were really functional. Except maybe this one - toilet paper, kleenex, napkins, and paper towels. Thanks Mom! (Haha, she must think we are grownups that  use real napkins!)

Now we are just waiting until Thursday, when the real moving begins. And once we get in all the boxes and the big stuff, it'll be on to the decorating fun. Smile. This is definitely the fun part.

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  1. I love it! Very cute. Congrats to you both on getting into a place you both love. Can't wait to read about your NOLA and Memphis trip!


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