Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tiny Green World of Wonder: Part 2

So you may recall that I made a terrarium earlier this week. And it was lovely.

Not two days later, I walked downstairs where my mom and Chris said, "Something happened....and Bucky didn't do it."

My darling girl Stella has quite the curious streak running through her, which often leads to naughty things. Which is why she decided to explore the terrarium on her own, and somehow got to the top of the bookshelf and knocked it right off. Sad day. There was no rescuing the broken glass....

So yesterday we ventured over to Michael's to find a new container for my little green world. I ultimately decided on a medium sized apothecary jar. While this was quite a bit larger than the little glass orb, I felt it would still have room for the plants to grow.

And this is what it looks like after repotting everything.

Perhaps even cuter! I went with the covered terrarium, which is said to be good for mosses, and requires less care. Like a mini greenhouse, it generates its own moisture.

And of course, I cannot stay mad at this sweet tiny face.

BTW - I decided to check this off the list for #12 - Plant a garden. Because while I hope to plant more greenery once we get into our apartment, this totally counts as a tiny garden. : )

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