Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tiny Green World of Wonder

Last week, I posted about my desire to add some greenery to our new apartment. Well I got a bit of a head start...

For months now, I had my eye on a Handblown Glass Orb Terrarium Kit from the Blithe Gardens shop on Etsy. I marked it as a favorite. I pinned it. I put it on both my Christmas list and my Birthday list. It had to be mine.

And when it didn't magically appear on my doorstep, I decided to put some of my birthday money to good use and ordered it on Monday.

I love terrariums because they are sort of their own little world, full of imagination. And according to everything that I've read, they are supposed to be pretty easy to care for.

The kit arrived today!

Isn't it fun getting packages in the mail?! I immediately took everything out so I could start to assemble my tiny world. 

It came complete with a tiny glass orb, activated charcoal (which is important for drainage), moss, ivy, lichens, rocks, and a cute little mushroom!

I decided I should probably not get soil all over my mom's tablecloth, and set up a little station at the counter. From there, it was really easy. I added the charcoal... 

Covered it with some soil...

And then added my plants and rocks. How cute is this? Answer: So cute. Can't you just picture Alice and the White Rabbit running on through this green little wonderland? 

For now, it will live on my mom's bookcase, until it's time to move. 

Whimsy. I love it.

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