Monday, May 24, 2010

A Few Final Splurges

As June 1 approaches, I am finding it hard not to spend lots of money. One final splurge before I go a year without spending. I went all day Friday without spending any money. Saturday was less successful.

When they sent me a new Gap credit card, they of course sent me a coupon for $10 off at Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy. You get to use it once at each store! While I can typically pass on a coupon, this was just too good a deal. So I headed over to Old Navy, just down the street and happened upon a major sale day (of course). While I planned to be in and out, spending as little as possible to get my $10 worth of stuff, I left $60-some dollars poorer. I did get a pair of shorts, two dresses, two tank tops, and a pair of sunglasses for that amount...but still. While they are all practical things (I put back the two swimsuits that I also wanted), they weren't really necessary purchases. Okay, maybe the sunglasses were...I didn't have any.

One of the points of this spending freeze is to get away from the over-consumerism where we buy for the sake of buying. It seems to be my habit that I'll do really well for awhile, and then spend a lot all at once. I need to break this habit, and fast.

I worry that I'll have a few more splurges along the way. I do intend to make at least one more trip to Target. And I may try to utilize the $10 at Banana and Gap to get a nice work blouse or cardigan to get me through the next year. I'm hopeful that I can get all of this out of my system before this year starts.

Here's hoping I can develop some will power!

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