Tuesday, May 11, 2010


While at home this weekend, I had a conversation with a family member about geocaching. I don't know about you, but I'd never heard of it. And most things that I know about that start with geo are either math or science related, which usually means that I'm out. But after a little research (because I hate not knowing about things), I've found out that it's actually pretty cool.

Here is what I've learned from Geocaching.com: It's basically a treasure hunting game that goes on worldwide, utilizing GPS technology to hide and seek the treasure. Anyone (who creates a login on the site) can look up the coordinates to various treasure locations. After plugging the lattitude and longitude into the GPS device, you're off on an adventure (via car, foot, etc.) to find the location of the treasure. Sites often include parks and other nature sites, allowing visitors the opportunity to hike, and see new places or explore as a family. Typically the cache (what you're looking for) is a box or other container that is well hidden at the coordinates (making it even more of a hunt). The cache contains a log book where all seekers can record their find and leave notes for other visitors. It might also include small trinkets or other items left by other visitors. You're welcome to swap a new item for one in the box, leaving a memento of your journey. After the trip, visitors can log their find online as well. It's

According to the site, the exciting part is usually the journey to find the cache. It's more about the adventure than the box you find.

Now, I know that:
a. I love adventures. (And treasure)
b. I love activities that are free.
c. I have a whole summer ahead of me.

I think it might be something to check out. I don't have a Garmin, but I do have an iPhone, and there is apparently an app that you can get to easily find the coordinates of the geocache. Once I'm GPS functional, I might see what's in the area. Perhaps I will have to tie it in with other adventures, like picnics, family vacations, etc.

Every girl needs some good adventures. Stay tuned.

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